Identity Crisis

I'd been out for 9 months when I was put in a three-some which included a brand new sister. Sister Knecht was gregarious, bold and always did what we asked her with zealous optimism. She was blond, tall, funny and reminded me of a basketball playing version of Barbie. Sister Higgins was the senior of [...]

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Bean Plants

In my last area, there was a recent convert named Jesse. God bless him, he was the quintessential Southern Hick; bald, front tooth missing, wore a wife beater with his gut hanging out, and spoke with a drawl as thick as molasses. Also, his favorite pastime was watching a mechanical dancing Santa, which he kept [...]

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Campbell Soup

I was serving in my first area. My companion and I were both new to the area and since we had no one to teach, we spent our first day tracting. It was hot, humid and the mid-day sun beat down on us without relent. After hours of tracting, and no success, I began thinking [...]

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A Cry Went Forth

I had a terrible stomach ache. This was not an uncommon tale serving in the Philippines. This time was different, however, because I had not passed anything for 72 hours. I was determined on this particular day to overcome my ailing digestive system. After about an hour in the bathroom, something finally passed. I stood [...]

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“Excuse Me Ladies…”

We were driving down the road in the ghetto of South Central, LA. I had two companions at the time as opposed to only one and I was in the back seat of the car. While heading home we passed two interesting looking "street walkers". Long Hair, thick, bright makeup, and high heels. They were [...]

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Energy of Soul

In Mozambique, heated water is a commodity, especially for a shower, so cold showers were common for nearly my entire mission. In one apartment, we decided we would raise the stakes and get an electronically heated shower head that uses an electrical coil to heat the water as it passed through the shower head. Although [...]

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We were sharing an apartment with another companionship in northern San Antonio, located in the wealthy neighborhoods surrounding the temple. The area was predominately gated neighborhoods with long winding roads weaving around the riches and mansions, skirted with groves of thick, brushy oak trees - ideal habitat for all kinds of critters. We were driving [...]

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Thief in the Night

When I was serving in my last area, my companion and I shared an apartment with another set of Elders. We were arriving home from an all-day Zone Conference, and arrived before the other companionship. It was just a few minutes before the 9pm curfew and the other Elders hadn’t arrived yet. During that few [...]

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Hitching a Ride

Elder Hansen and I were valiantly tracting a line of houses that faced the beautiful Chemung river. It was the dead of winter in upstate New York and a fresh six inches of snow was on the ground. The streets were chalky white and the sun bounced off the untrampled snow. After finishing the half-mile [...]

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The Basement

My companion and I lived in the back half of this really old house in a small town. As far as mission apartments go this thing was pretty sweet...except the basement. This thing was so sketchy it was scary. My companion once asked me if a tornado was coming, what would I do. I told [...]

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