The Trinity

We were at one of the final zone conferences, I was having a wonderful time seeing some of my best friends that I had made on the mission, Elder Connolly and Elder Owens. I had trained Elder Owens and had not seen him or Elder Connolly in quite some time. We gave each other hugs [...]

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Appearance of Obedience

My companion and I locked ourselves out of our apartment. Luckily we were in the giant metropolis of Gillette, Wyoming. All joking aside, at least there was another set of missionaries in the city (not typical of the mission). However, we discovered we were locked out close to curfew, and had to walk a few [...]

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Walking on Thin Ice

I was a brand new missionary serving in my first area with my first companion. It was -62 degrees with wind and snow. In our small town, preparation days were pretty slow and it was hard to find things to do. So, one p-day, my companion decided he’d like to go for a little hike [...]

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Save Yourselves!

We had special permission to head to the beach on preparation day. All of the missionaries in our zone were excited to do something different for a change and we were looking forward to it all week. We were lucky enough to have beautiful beaches and massive waves in the area as well. As our [...]

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Stuck It!

One dark, dreary, rainy, cold night in Tacoma, Washington, my companion and I were knocking doors in a neighborhood located on a steep hill. Due to the location of this neighborhood, every house had seven or eight stairs leading up to the porch. We knocked on a door with a particularly steep staircase leading to [...]

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The Lesson

My companion and I were riding on the front seat of an old Toyota van used for public transportation. These vans flooded the streets, ferociously fighting for passengers, driving like this was their last day on earth. As usual, some small talk was made with the driver as we tore through the streets. As we [...]

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The Grand Finale

I was heading to church with my companion on bicycles. The dirt road that lead up to the church house was a virtual BMX bike track with several perfectly arranged humps that could be sailed over with ease. Every time I went to church I would hit the humps and catch a few feet of [...]

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Poco Mas, Por Favor

We had a new Elder and were on our way to a dinner appointment with a sister in the ward. The dinner menu; Menudo! If you aren't familiar with menudo, well, let me just say that you've got to experience it to appreciate it. We explained to the new Elder (who was struggling to learn [...]

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The Yellow Raincoat

It was my very last transfer and I was given the assignment to train a new elder. We didn't have too much in common, so, I knew that this could be the longest six weeks of my life. That's when I thought of the most wonderful idea; the Yellow Raincoat. In our mission it was [...]

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I Thought You Were a Spider

It was fast and testimony meeting. The church was old. The pews were hard. The spirit was... well it was probably good, but I was asleep. I was sitting behind a gorgeous sister missionary, when those comfortable wooden pews seemed to engulf me. I drifted off to the reassuring words of faithful saints, waking on [...]

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