Was Blind, But Now I See

Austin is home to the Texas State School for the Blind, so if you were to walk around town, you might notice quite a few people with sunglasses and walking sticks. Most of them are legit. However, we discovered there were a few fakers. They were easy to spot, because when my beautiful blond companion [...]

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Pictionary Baptism

In my first area, we covered an entire stake. it was a busy area. We received a referral for a family whose grandmother wanted to have her grandsons taught the lessons. We visited the house three times and were turned away each time; we were told to come back next month. After I received a [...]

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How Beautiful Are the Feet

October 16, 1998; the Northern part of the Philippines had been ravaged by a typhoon. Streets were littered with debris; rivers and ditches were overflowing; flooding was rampant. In the town Aparri, which sits on the edge of the South China Sea, two elders went back to work after several days of being holed up [...]

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Inspired Dreams

My son, Ben, and daughter, Jamie, were serving missions at the same time; Ben in Canada and Jamie in California. One day, Ben went to the temple with his companion. As they were sitting in the waiting room, an older sister approached and started talking to them. After introducing themselves, this sister said to Ben, [...]

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What’s in a name?

“SHUT UP!!!” I heard my companion yell from the living room. Then I heard the phone slam down on the receiver (we later got cell phones, but that area still had an old school wall phone with a twirly long cord and everything). This sudden outburst was uncharacteristic of the bubbly, blond, Sister Anderson. At [...]

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Coin Diving

In Mozambique, an early afternoon, torrential downpour was a daily occurrence. In the suburbs, many parents would take this opportunity to send their children out in their underwear to get a much-needed, free wash. Children would be running in swarms, chasing each other through the neighborhoods, shouting - and all nearly naked. One day, as [...]

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While serving as a Zone Leader, my companion, Elder Dunn, was on exchanges with one of the Assistants. They spent the end of their day knocking doors in Hampton, a well-to-do area where people weren't all that receptive. The police showed up while they were at the last door. Apparently someone in the neighborhood had [...]

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Halfway through my mission, I got a new mission president. He was barely in his forties, 6 young kids and great energy. He played BYU football and was a receiver for the great Ty Detmer. I have never been well-versed in the vernacular of football but I enjoy playing any team sport with other people [...]

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Anatomy Wisdom

Back in the day when we still memorized the discussions, we would meet at the church and ‘pass discussions’ off to our District Leaders. On one of these occasions, I was laying on a back pew, working on some memorization, while my companion was passing off the discussions for the DL at the front of [...]

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A Royal Rip

While tracting, my companion and I came across an older gentleman kneeling down in his flower bed in front of his house. We approached and went through our normal spiel and ended by inviting him to listen to our discussions. He politely declined and told us we could be on our way. As we turned, [...]

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