Mystery Sister

My companion, Sister Horrocks, was very ill and was sent home two transfers early. She was sad to leave, especially because it was right before the big Christmas conference when the entire mission was gathering for a panoramic photograph with the San Antonio Temple in the background. I promised her I would find a way [...]

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“T” is for “Tears”

It was almost Christmas and we were given a gift in the form of a progressing investigator. Actually, at district meeting, we found out some Elders in our own district were “poaching” from us. We covered the singles wards for the entire zone and they had purposely kept this 18-year-old investigator off our radar. With [...]

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Santa Maria

We were teaching an older man who, like many of the people I taught, had a hard time letting go of praying to Saints. He particularly loved the Virgin Mary. He had been raised to view God as a mysterious, vengeful, distant entity; no wonder he’d rather pray to something or someone familiar! And no [...]

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Too Serious

There were three of us in a companionship. One of the elders and I were good friends, but the third one was a different story. He was too serious for my sarcastic nature. During companionship study, while role-playing the first lesson, my buddy would be reciting the first vision. I would hurry and turn off [...]

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Indecent Proposal

Picture every cartoon of the Devil you’ve ever seen. The black hair, sharp widow’s peak, thin mustache, goatee, pointed features, beady little eyes. Got it? Good. Now take away the horns, make him 75 years old, and give him a raspy Louisiana accent. Perfect! That’s Clyde. King of the Crazy Cajuns. I met Clyde through [...]

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Suspicious Characters at Large

During some normal tracting in a little neighborhood in the country, we noticed a lady peeking through the blinds at us when we knocked on her door. She had a phone to her ear and shooed us away. The next door was answered by a hunched old man with a massive wad of chew in [...]

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The Ghost of Sister Past

I sent the senior sister in the mission office into a state of panic and confusion. The first was when I was waiting on a new tag to be shipped (I had managed to lose both of mine and my companion had already lost her spare, so we couldn’t even play “twinners” for a few [...]

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Hit and Run

I was serving in the rural, sandy roads of Africa. Travelers are most commonly seen on foot or in push-carts, so you can imagine the surprise of the locals when a pair of white guys, in collared shirts, came driving through their neighborhoods. The common reaction was groups of young children shouting "Amulungo!" (meaning white [...]

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Here Fishy, Fishy

I spent two transfers serving in a ward where I was almost certain the second counselor in the Bishopric was a robot. The polar opposite of his charismatic wife, Brother D (names have been shortened to protect…well…me) always seemed bored or preoccupied at every ward function and was all business in correlation and PEC meetings. [...]

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