We found a less active member while tracting one day. He was a middle-aged man that seemed smiley and was willing to have us come back with a member to learn more about him and help him back into activity. On the return visit, we wen inside his home where the walls were perfectly white [...]

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When I arrived in my mission, it was monsoon season, raining like an Idaho boy could never imagine. During my first three days there over 300 people perished when their shanty huts washed into the Han River because of flooding. The same day I arrived, I also learned that six North Korean spies had infiltrated [...]

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Potty in Heaven?

We recently had a new member's 4-year-old daughter tell us that she didn't want to go to heaven. A little confused, we followed up on it. Her reason? "There's no potties in heaven. I can't go there." Elder Allen New York Rochester 2012-2014

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Hueso y Queso

In the MTC, we often practiced teaching another companionship in our district. We were encouraged to speak only Spanish and some of us were catching on more slowly than others. One afternoon we sat down with a trio of Elders so they could teach us about the Godhead. The first Elder began to quote D&C [...]

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We were following up on a media referral for a Book of Mormon. It had been a long day of rejection and it would be a nice change of pace to talk to someone who had sought us out. But no such luck. The woman who had requested it was not home. Her mother answered [...]

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There was a family in one of the wards we covered who had an extremely precocious 4-year-old named Lilly. Every time they signed up on our dinner calendar, we knew we were in for dinner AND a show...literally. It was called "The Lilly Show". It was about what you'd expect from a child her age; [...]

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Wardrobe Malfunction

We were teaching a man named Robert who had a LOT of challenges to overcome, but was making progress. He had stopped drinking, reduced his daily cigarette use form 3 packs to half a pack, was loving the Book of Mormon, and was praying daily. But he wouldn't come to church. He was worried that [...]

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Missionary Rescue

I was working on Vancouver Island in Duncah, and was transfered and had to catch the morning ferry. One of the women we wre teaching wanted me to baptize her before I left. We had to baptize in the river and the winter ice had just broken. We had the service at about 7am and [...]

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