Shining Faces

While contacting, my compañera and I met Cliff. He informed us it was his birthday. But is was also the worst day because he received no gifts and no one wished him Happy Birthday. Feeling compassionate, we gave him our remaining icebreakers and a card for a free video. He said he had talked to [...]

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April Shower’s on April Fools’

My April Fools' joke begins with a promise that I made with my best friend back at home. I promised him I would pull a prank that was made famous on the TV show Jackass. I had the perfect companion to victimize, and the right day was coming up. On April 1st, I woke up [...]

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He Who Laughs Last

The elders in my district had been bugging me to play a joke on my new hija that had just arrived. My new companion and I decided to play a joke on them instead. We set up a fake prank and planned to have my new hija pretend to flip out! Unfortunately, she was not [...]

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