I was tracting on one street and after a few doors we noticed that representatives from Jehovah's Witness were on the same side of the street. When they noticed who we were, they changed to the other side of the street. I don't think I will ever forget that. Sister Wood Virginia Richmond 2001-2002

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What’s In A Name

When my companion and I were tracking one time, I said to a lady at her door, "Hello, we are from the Church of cheese and rice of Latter-Day Saints." The very next door my companion said, "Hello, we are from the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day snakes." Needless to say that was the [...]

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No Tact

I wasn't in the best mood one day and one guy told me he was Catholic. So, being the smart alleck I am, I said "That's ok, you can repent." That didn't go over too well. Elder Schafer Arizona Phoenix 2010-2012

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A Feeling

I once told an investigator that she would feel a warm feeling in her foot when she prayed to know if the church was true. I had meant to say chest. Elder Clay Brazil Fortaleza 2009-2011

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Language Mishap

I served in Brazil and once confused the word for "jam" with the word for "condom." It was pretty embarrassing. Elder Florman Brazil Cuiaba 2010-2012

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Sister Alarm

One time I ran out of the shower because the fire alarm/smoke detector was going off. It turned out that my companion was trying to make me pancakes. Sister Page New Hampshire Manchester 2010-2012

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Don’t Judge a Squirrel By It’s Demeanor

Virginia is home to a lot of squirrels. It's safe to say there are as many squirrels in rural Virginia as there are fish in the sea. One morning, I was brushing my teeth before heading out to tract. I heard my companion yelling from the back porch, "Elder! Come check this out!" I went [...]

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The Birds and the Bees

We had been teaching this amazing woman who had two dogs. Chico, the male chihuahua, was not fixed. Sammie, the female lab, was not fixed. On any other day they were in our face begging for attention, jumping all over the place. After ignoring them long enough, Chico would try and mate with Sammie and [...]

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Member Sacrifice

I served in Dallas, Spanish speaking and there was this one family who insisted on feeding us while the family and children watched. It wasn't until later, I learned that the family ate what we didn't eat. It was heart breaking! Sister Price Texas Dallas 1996-1997

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By Any Other Name

During my second transfer, my companion, who was also the district leader, went on splits while the brand new missionary came to spend the day with me. Since we were both extremely fresh in our Spanish, it was a fairly miserable day but we made it fun. We were out tracting and taught a lesson [...]

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