The Birds

As I was unable to serve a full-time mission, I had the opportunity to fulfill a service mission. As the rules and regulations are a little different, perhaps so are my stories. The Young Missionaries had FHE once and the elders were flipping pennies and dimes and running after them. A coin version of Smear [...]

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The Hairy Spoon

A missionary I served with was once eating at a members house and he noticed a hair on his spoon. At that same moment, the wife caught him looking at it. She was really embarrassed and asked if there was a hair in his food and even offered to get him a new plate. To [...]

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The Ultimate Cat Lady

I served my mission in Seoul, South Korea. In my second area I was serving in one of the areas in our mission that bordered the DMZ to the North. I served there from November until March during one of the coldest winters on record. So one morning in late January the local bishop called [...]

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No Rest For the Weary

One night my companion and I were saying our prayers, kneeling down by our beds. I was giving the prayer. I finished and said "Amen." When there was no response I looked over and saw that she had fallen asleep during the prayer. Not sure what to do, I said the closing of the prayer [...]

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