A Cry Went Forth

I had a terrible stomach ache. This was not an uncommon tale serving in the Philippines. This time was different, however, because I had not passed anything for 72 hours. I was determined on this particular day to overcome my ailing digestive system. After about an hour in the bathroom, something finally passed. I stood up to find a four-inch worm in the toilet. I screamed like a little girl, calling for my companion. He remains my witness to this day. This was admittedly the scariest day of my mission and perhaps my life. Luckily, medical professionals assured me it was a common and harmless circumstance. After taking medication that helped remove any remaining critters, I carried a memorabilia card that read Ether 14:18 “And there went a fear of Shiz throughout the land; yea, a cry went forth throughout the land – Who can stand before the army of Shiz?” Elder Hansen Philippines Quezon City 2007-2009

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