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This One Time on My Mission is a user-built community, where people can read and share funny experiences they have had as a missionary for the LDS church. We welcome you to read our stories and share yours.

Chad Johansson


After returning home from his mission in Tampa Florida in 2001, Chad began to realize a common phrase amongst returned missionaries. Anyone that has ever served a mission has always started a sentence by saying, “This one time on my mission”. It was in 2012 when the company was founded. Chad married his wife Rashelle in 2001 and they have three children Gavin, Milo and August. They also have an insane cat, Napoleon and a ridiculous dog, Geoffrey. Chad was the valedictorian of his seminary class and one time in 3rd grade he got 100% on a spelling test. His hope is that those who have a desire to serve a mission will see a different side of missionaries.


Robbie Law


Robbie was born and raised in Happy Valley. His senior year of high school he met Annie and they’ve been together ever since. They live happily in Pleasant Grove, Utah with their three handsome little fellas who call them mom and dad; and a fluffy dog. After high school, he was mission-prep class president three years running. In other words, his first full-time mission will be with his wife when they’re old and wrinkled. He did, however, have the joy of a convert baptism when his wife, Annie, chose to be baptized at the age of nineteen. Robbie has always enjoyed listening to the mission stories from his friends and family. He hopes this project will bring that same joy to those who read, and rekindle that missionary spirit in those that share.

Jared Medley

Designer / Developer

Born and raised in the real Northern California – far north of San Francisco – Jared has always had a passion and talent for photography and design. After returning from a mission served in Mozambique, Africa, he came to Utah in 2004 to attend school. Instead of school, he found a wife. Now living in Pleasant Grove, Utah with his wife and young daughter, Ellie, Jared is majoring in Graphic Design and Photography. He prides himself in his highly successful photography business and the many creative projects in which he is involved, both professionally and personally. He has thoroughly enjoyed being brought in on the creative side of this project and finds it rewarding to be part of this storytelling; bringing such great stories to missionaries, old and new.