An Unfortunate Articulation Error

I entered the MTC back when they still had a big meeting with the families of new missionaries. First, they rolled out an impressive list of statistics about the Provo MTC itself (how many gallons of milk consumed per week, how many languages taught, etc.) This was followed by a pep talk from the mission president over the MTC (lowest baptizing mission in the world). Next came a video montage of missionaries across the world with “Onward, Ever Onward” being sung in half a dozen languages. My family had attended two such meetings before when dropping off my older brother and sister, so they knew what to expect. Kind of. Right after the video, the president asked his wife to say a few words. She stood and encouraged families not to mourn the loss of a member, but find joy in their service. The phrase she kept repeating was “Turn your pain into love.” Unfortunately, the last time she repeated the mantra there was an slight articulation error. She said “TURD your pain into love.” Mind you, the audience consisted of mostly 19-old-boys. A wave of snickers and suppressed giggles rippled through the room. Then it was time for missionaries to exit one door and the families to exit another. I had mixed emotions about that moment, but I was determined not to cry. I was able to stick to my resolution by whispering, as I hugged each family member, “TURD your pain into love.” This of course made them either laugh or roll their eyes (wasn’t I supposed to magically mature once they stuck a name tag on me?). It worked with everyone except my dad…but he’s always been a cry baby. Sister Smoot Texas San Antonio 2006-2008

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