By Any Other Name

During my second transfer, my companion, who was also the district leader, went on splits while the brand new missionary came to spend the day with me. Since we were both extremely fresh in our Spanish, it was a fairly miserable day but we made it fun. We were out tracting and taught a lesson to a woman. At the end of the lesson, I asked for her phone number, name, etc. She was trying to spell out her name for me and kept on saying ‘Velarga’. I had no idea what that meant so I assumed she was telling me this was her name. The next day, when my companion returned, I told him about this particular woman that her name was Velarga. He immediately busted up laughing. “She said *B Larga* which means big B or capitol B!” I still have the planner where I wrote, ‘Velarga Sanchez.’ Elder Claypool Paraguay Asuncion 2009-2011

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