Campbell Soup

I was serving in my first area. My companion and I were both new to the area and since we had no one to teach, we spent our first day tracting. It was hot, humid and the mid-day sun beat down on us without relent. After hours of tracting, and no success, I began thinking to myself, “Boy, I sure am looking forward to two years of this…” We knocked on the door of a man who finally let us in. With tears, he related his woes to my companion and I. His wife had recently left him, his kids were having a really hard time, and recently, he had teeth removed by the dentist. I was thrilled! Not with his predicament, of course, but that someone was willing to listen to our message. I had envisioned this day, when I would be able to preach the gospel to my fellowmen and here it was. The first door I had ever gotten into, my first lesson – I was finally a missionary. What an amazing moment! As we sat in his front room, we reintroduced ourselves. The man followed suit, “My name is Bill Campbell, ya know, like in the soup.” Now you may recall, the man had just returned home from the dentist where he’d had some teeth pulled, so his words were not very clear. I heard “My name is Bill Campbell, just call me Soup.” With that, I began the lesson, “It’s gonna be okay Soup.” He looked at me strangely, but I continued, “Soup, things will get better.” Afterward, amidst great bursts of laughter, my companion explained to me my mishap. For some odd reason, old Soup never invited us back again. Elder Durrant Kentucky Louisville

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