The Birds

As I was unable to serve a full-time mission, I had the opportunity to fulfill a service mission. As the rules and regulations are a little different, perhaps so are my stories. The Young Missionaries had FHE once and the elders were flipping pennies and dimes and running after them. A coin version of Smear [...]

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The Ultimate Cat Lady

I served my mission in Seoul, South Korea. In my second area I was serving in one of the areas in our mission that bordered the DMZ to the North. I served there from November until March during one of the coldest winters on record. So one morning in late January the local bishop called [...]

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No Rest For the Weary

One night my companion and I were saying our prayers, kneeling down by our beds. I was giving the prayer. I finished and said "Amen." When there was no response I looked over and saw that she had fallen asleep during the prayer. Not sure what to do, I said the closing of the prayer [...]

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No Tact

I wasn't in the best mood one day and one guy told me he was Catholic. So, being the smart alleck I am, I said "That's ok, you can repent." That didn't go over too well. Elder Schafer Arizona Phoenix 2010-2012

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Don’t Judge a Squirrel By It’s Demeanor

Virginia is home to a lot of squirrels. It's safe to say there are as many squirrels in rural Virginia as there are fish in the sea. One morning, I was brushing my teeth before heading out to tract. I heard my companion yelling from the back porch, "Elder! Come check this out!" I went [...]

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The Birds and the Bees

We had been teaching this amazing woman who had two dogs. Chico, the male chihuahua, was not fixed. Sammie, the female lab, was not fixed. On any other day they were in our face begging for attention, jumping all over the place. After ignoring them long enough, Chico would try and mate with Sammie and [...]

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Shotgun Tracting

While tracting one day, an older gentleman opened his front door. When he realized who we were, he pointed to a nearby closet and said, "I have a gun in there and I'm going to get it." Needless to say, we promptly left. Elder Ollerton California Los Angeles 1976-1978

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The Gift of No Tongue

I was in the Spain Madrid mission and I had been with a native Spanish companion for a few months. After tracting for hours, we came to a door and knocked. The lady smiled and said something unintelligible. Neither of us said anything so, she repeated herself. Again, neither of us answered. Finally, my companion [...]

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Michael Jackson Phone Home

I was in my first area and didn't speak Portuguese very well. My trainer and I came across an old man who seemed interesting. We made an appointment to meet with him the next day. At the appointment, I wasn't really understanding the conversation. My companion had a grin he was hiding the entire time [...]

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The Unexpected Sister Attack

My companion and I went to drop off our progress record at the district leader's apartment. We were going to slide it under the door since they weren't home but as I grabbed the handle, it opened. They left their door unlocked and they weren't home! An thought came to my mind, "Seriously? They left [...]

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