Favorite Quotes

From an Elder "Don't worry about falling, you have to fall to progress and learn. Those who don't fall by themselves, God trips!" From a Sister "Elders are like fungus-they kinda grow on you after a while" Sister Carmen Texas San Antonio 2006-2007

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We found a less active member while tracting one day. He was a middle-aged man that seemed smiley and was willing to have us come back with a member to learn more about him and help him back into activity. On the return visit, we wen inside his home where the walls were perfectly white [...]

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When I arrived in my mission, it was monsoon season, raining like an Idaho boy could never imagine. During my first three days there over 300 people perished when their shanty huts washed into the Han River because of flooding. The same day I arrived, I also learned that six North Korean spies had infiltrated [...]

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We were following up on a media referral for a Book of Mormon. It had been a long day of rejection and it would be a nice change of pace to talk to someone who had sought us out. But no such luck. The woman who had requested it was not home. Her mother answered [...]

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Wardrobe Malfunction

We were teaching a man named Robert who had a LOT of challenges to overcome, but was making progress. He had stopped drinking, reduced his daily cigarette use form 3 packs to half a pack, was loving the Book of Mormon, and was praying daily. But he wouldn't come to church. He was worried that [...]

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An Unfortunate Articulation Error

I entered the MTC back when they still had a big meeting with the families of new missionaries. First, they rolled out an impressive list of statistics about the Provo MTC itself (how many gallons of milk consumed per week, how many languages taught, etc.) This was followed by a pep talk from the mission [...]

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Teaching Under the Influence

After teaching Sonny a great first lesson, we had been trying to set a follow up lesson for three weeks with no success. Finally, we got one set up for Monday night, right after P-Day. P-days in the mission can get a little wild sometimes. We spent the day at a members house playing racquet [...]

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The Winds Are Not in Your Favor

We were assigned to a large, rural area and we were lucky enough to cover it on our bikes. One particular day we had a referral that was pretty far out in the boonies. We geared up, strapped on our helmets and headed out. It was late afternoon and we didn’t think much of the [...]

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Lessons in Anatomy

Usually we hear stories from the perspective of the missionaries who experienced them but I have on to tell from the other side. I love hearing stories the missionaries tell when they come to visit. They often bring laughs and other times inspiration. I enjoy having the missionaries over to visit and share a message. [...]

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Tongue Twisters

I was called to serve in Japan in the seventies. Back then, they sent us to the Missionary Training Center in Hawaii. I spent two months there, learning the language and preparing to serve. When we arrived in Japan, we spent the first day with the Mission President and the Assistants. After a great pep-talk, [...]

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