Pictionary Baptism

In my first area, we covered an entire stake. it was a busy area. We received a referral for a family whose grandmother wanted to have her grandsons taught the lessons. We visited the house three times and were turned away each time; we were told to come back next month. After I received a [...]

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How Beautiful Are the Feet

October 16, 1998; the Northern part of the Philippines had been ravaged by a typhoon. Streets were littered with debris; rivers and ditches were overflowing; flooding was rampant. In the town Aparri, which sits on the edge of the South China Sea, two elders went back to work after several days of being holed up [...]

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Coin Diving

In Mozambique, an early afternoon, torrential downpour was a daily occurrence. In the suburbs, many parents would take this opportunity to send their children out in their underwear to get a much-needed, free wash. Children would be running in swarms, chasing each other through the neighborhoods, shouting - and all nearly naked. One day, as [...]

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While serving as a Zone Leader, my companion, Elder Dunn, was on exchanges with one of the Assistants. They spent the end of their day knocking doors in Hampton, a well-to-do area where people weren't all that receptive. The police showed up while they were at the last door. Apparently someone in the neighborhood had [...]

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Halfway through my mission, I got a new mission president. He was barely in his forties, 6 young kids and great energy. He played BYU football and was a receiver for the great Ty Detmer. I have never been well-versed in the vernacular of football but I enjoy playing any team sport with other people [...]

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King John

I spent my MTC experience in the Brazil training center. I arrived healthy as a horse but a week into my stay, I was plagued with chronic diarrhea. I dealt with the most epic stretch of "rapid fire" bowel movements and it became widely known that when looking for Elder Hone, he was most likely [...]

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The Spirit of the Toilet

We were given a referral from one of the young men in our ward. He was a gregarious 14 year old, a bit socially awkward (more than the average 14 year old) and as optimistic as ever. He handed us a sacrament meeting program where he scribbled an address and informed us his friend was [...]

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My Big, Fat Greek Rejection

I admit; there were days when I prayed that if we were not going to find the elect, could we at least encounter the entertaining? Fortunately, Austin Texas is full of odd characters, so that was an easily answered prayer. One extra-humid summer day, all our teaching appointments had fallen through, so we were knocking [...]

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Chicken in the Lion’s Den

On preparation-day, we made a long anticipated trip to the Maputo Zoo. Consisting mostly of empty cages, the only animals remaining in the zoo were ones the people didn’t bother eating during the civil war, which had ended only a few years before. The lions, hippos, gorillas, and crocodile appeared neglected and famished. We were [...]

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One Car, Five Mormons

Our car needed to some repairs. We arranged for our District Leader and his companion to follow us to the shop (which was out of our area) and drive us home. It just so happened that they had a third Elder with them that day. I will never forget the look of surprise and concern [...]

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