Free Food

My companion and I had just finished a day of work and were returning home to our apartment, eager to eat dinner and get some rest. We rounded the corner to our apartment building, only to find a huge wedding reception/party being held on our street–directly in front of our apartment. It was decked out [...]

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“T” is for “Tears”

It was almost Christmas and we were given a gift in the form of a progressing investigator. Actually, at district meeting, we found out some Elders in our own district were “poaching” from us. We covered the singles wards for the entire zone and they had purposely kept this 18-year-old investigator off our radar. With [...]

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Santa Maria

We were teaching an older man who, like many of the people I taught, had a hard time letting go of praying to Saints. He particularly loved the Virgin Mary. He had been raised to view God as a mysterious, vengeful, distant entity; no wonder he’d rather pray to something or someone familiar! And no [...]

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Indecent Proposal

Picture every cartoon of the Devil you’ve ever seen. The black hair, sharp widow’s peak, thin mustache, goatee, pointed features, beady little eyes. Got it? Good. Now take away the horns, make him 75 years old, and give him a raspy Louisiana accent. Perfect! That’s Clyde. King of the Crazy Cajuns. I met Clyde through [...]

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Suspicious Characters at Large

During some normal tracting in a little neighborhood in the country, we noticed a lady peeking through the blinds at us when we knocked on her door. She had a phone to her ear and shooed us away. The next door was answered by a hunched old man with a massive wad of chew in [...]

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Here Fishy, Fishy

I spent two transfers serving in a ward where I was almost certain the second counselor in the Bishopric was a robot. The polar opposite of his charismatic wife, Brother D (names have been shortened to protect…well…me) always seemed bored or preoccupied at every ward function and was all business in correlation and PEC meetings. [...]

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Bean Plants

In my last area, there was a recent convert named Jesse. God bless him, he was the quintessential Southern Hick; bald, front tooth missing, wore a wife beater with his gut hanging out, and spoke with a drawl as thick as molasses. Also, his favorite pastime was watching a mechanical dancing Santa, which he kept [...]

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“Excuse Me Ladies…”

We were driving down the road in the ghetto of South Central, LA. I had two companions at the time as opposed to only one and I was in the back seat of the car. While heading home we passed two interesting looking "street walkers". Long Hair, thick, bright makeup, and high heels. They were [...]

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We were sharing an apartment with another companionship in northern San Antonio, located in the wealthy neighborhoods surrounding the temple. The area was predominately gated neighborhoods with long winding roads weaving around the riches and mansions, skirted with groves of thick, brushy oak trees - ideal habitat for all kinds of critters. We were driving [...]

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Thief in the Night

When I was serving in my last area, my companion and I shared an apartment with another set of Elders. We were arriving home from an all-day Zone Conference, and arrived before the other companionship. It was just a few minutes before the 9pm curfew and the other Elders hadn’t arrived yet. During that few [...]

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