Coin Diving

In Mozambique, an early afternoon, torrential downpour was a daily occurrence. In the suburbs, many parents would take this opportunity to send their children out in their underwear to get a much-needed, free wash. Children would be running in swarms, chasing each other through the neighborhoods, shouting – and all nearly naked. One day, as a group of kids came racing by, I shouted, “Hey!” and held up a coin equivalent to about a penny, but about the size of a silver dollar. The children all froze and their eyes widened as they saw what I held. I asked who wanted it, to which they erupted in a frenzy of pulling and reaching. I told them that whoever could find it, could have it. With that, I tossed the coin into a large, muddy puddle we were standing next to. What ensued looked like a fierce match of mud football, with children shoving and wrestling each other and sweeping their hands across the bottom of the puddle in search of the prized coin. One kid shot to his feet with the coin held high above his head and ran away from the group. The rest of the kids shot out after him. The only thing funnier than a bunch of kids running around in their underwear for a free bath from mother nature, is a bunch of kids in their underwear covered in mud, running through town. Naturally the kids all returned, and fortunately we had enough coins to play this game until we made sure each kid had found at least one coin. Although a bit unconventional, we felt fulfilled having imparted to these children the money we had. Lifting spirits is what missionary work is all about. Elder Medley Mozambique Maputo 2002-2004

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