We were following up on a media referral for a Book of Mormon. It had been a long day of rejection and it would be a nice change of pace to talk to someone who had sought us out. But no such luck. The woman who had requested it was not home. Her mother answered the door and she was anything but happy to see us. She told us never to come back and that, “Y’all ain’t never gonna take my daughter away from her walk with God!” Before I could say another word, the door slammed milometers from my face. In the moment, my heart was not exactly brimming with charity. We turned and walked back to the street. Sensing my dismay, my companion said in a completely serious tone, “Darn…..I was really looking forward to taking her away from her walk with God.” Sometimes sarcasm is the best medicine. Sister Smoot Texas San Antonio 2006-2008

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