Don’t Judge a Squirrel By It’s Demeanor

Virginia is home to a lot of squirrels. It’s safe to say there are as many squirrels in rural Virginia as there are fish in the sea. One morning, I was brushing my teeth before heading out to tract. I heard my companion yelling from the back porch, “Elder! Come check this out!” I went to the porch to find my companion standing two feet from a squirrel. My companion was holding a small stick, and the squirrel was playing with it. Most squirrels would have bolted by now, but this one was especially friendly. My companion, brave as he was, reached down and was able to gently pet the squirrel’s head without startling it. Now it was my turn. I reached down to pet the squirrel, and he began playing with my hand. It was kind of cute. That is, until he grabbed my thumb and sunk his cute little squirrel teeth into it. This is where it got interesting. He wasn’t letting go, so I began shaking my hand franticly, flailing him around like a piece of spaghetti noodle. He finally let go, and ran away. I can still hear the sinister laugh he let out as he was running off. Moral of the story: squirrels might seem cute, but it’s a cover. They really just love human thumb meat. Oh, and there was no tetanus. We checked. Elder Clarke Washington D.C. South 1999-2001

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