Energy of Soul

In Mozambique, heated water is a commodity, especially for a shower, so cold showers were common for nearly my entire mission. In one apartment, we decided we would raise the stakes and get an electronically heated shower head that uses an electrical coil to heat the water as it passed through the shower head. Although this may sound like a safety hazard, this device was a mass-produced product, sold in stores. Having hot water for a morning shower was quite the luxury, however, when the water pressure was high enough, a solid enough stream of water would connect my body to the non-grounded electrical shower head, precariously plugged in to a 220 volt outlet on the other side of the bathroom. A jolt of that kind of current passing through your body at 6:30 in the morning will make you reconsider the “luxury” of heated water. After a few days, the risk proved to be too great and we opted for cold, non-electrified water. Elder Medley Mozambique Maputo 2002-2004

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