Hitching a Ride

Elder Hansen and I were valiantly tracting a line of houses that faced the beautiful Chemung river. It was the dead of winter in upstate New York and a fresh six inches of snow was on the ground. The streets were chalky white and the sun bounced off the untrampled snow. After finishing the half-mile stroll, we were faced with the chore of walking back, only with no doors to knock this time since the houses only lined one side of the street. I was feeling the effects of trudging through all that snow and we were approaching lunch time so I turned to my companion and simply stated “I’ll see you back at the apartment,” and handed him my scriptures, “Hold these.” He shot me a questioning look but I gave him the reassurance that all would be well. With that, I snuck behind a parked car and waited for the next vehicle driving up the street. There it was…Ready, get set…GO! I reached out and grabbed the corner of the bumper. My intentions were to ‘biz, hooky-bob’ a ride up the street. The jolt of grabbing a moving bumper from a crouched position nearly dislocated my shoulder but I was determined. My body immediately hit the ground, but I didn’t let go. As I was being dragged behind the moving car on my back, I flipped over (a move that would have made Chuck Norris proud), managed to get my feet under me and off we went! I held on to that bumper the whole way back up the street – a fully clothed missionary in a large overcoat, trailing gracefully behind a stranger’s vehicle. To this day, I doubt that driver even knew. What would have been a long walk back was finished in fine fashion in no time at all. As the car made its final turn, I let go of the bumper, skidded to a stop, and stood upright with pride. I dusted the snow off my shoes, brushed the dirt and snow from my coat and the fun was done. Elder Hansen came running for fear of leaving us separated for too long. I chuckled, “What took you so long Elder? I’ve been waiting forever!” Elder Wilkes New York Rochester 1981-1982

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