Identity Crisis

I’d been out for 9 months when I was put in a three-some which included a brand new sister. Sister Knecht was gregarious, bold and always did what we asked her with zealous optimism. She was blond, tall, funny and reminded me of a basketball playing version of Barbie. Sister Higgins was the senior of the group; a kind, soft-spoken and gentle leader. In our first few days together, we were out knocking doors and took turns on approaches. We would each announce our names and then the designated sister would begin teaching. We had been working smoothly until it came to Sister Knecht’s turn to teach. I started “Hi, I’m Sister Medley,” then basketball Barbie blurted “Hi, I’m Sister Higgins.” I turned quickly to see what the real Sister Higgins was going to say since her name had been stolen! The lovely Sister Higgins, struggling to hold back her laughter, rolled with it and said “Hi, I’m Sister Knecht!” The greenie hadn’t realized what she’d done until she heard Sister Higgins introduce herself using her name. Sister Knecht struggled and stumbled through her teaching and we lost all composure as we ventured down the rest of the street. The basketball Barbie who couldn’t remember her own name. Sister Medley Texas San Antonio 2006-2008

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