When I arrived in my mission, it was monsoon season, raining like an Idaho boy could never imagine. During my first three days there over 300 people perished when their shanty huts washed into the Han River because of flooding. The same day I arrived, I also learned that six North Korean spies had infiltrated the palace grounds in an assassination attempt and had all been killed in a shootout with palace security guards. The same palace that sat on the hilltop adjacent to the one our mission home sat on. That put us new missionaries on edge, to say the least. Because the missionary I was replacing had one week left to serve before going home, I spent my first week at the mission home in Seoul. During that week, Elder Porter was assigned to work with me out of the mission home. One day while tracting, we found ourselves at the entry to the Presidential Palace Garden. Elder Porter said he would take me through to show me how beautiful it was. As we advanced down the main road that went through the garden, we eventually arrived at the large gate that led up the hill to the president’s home. The gate was flanked by two large guardhouses on each side. As I was looking up the lane at the home of South Korea’s president, a gold Mercedes-Benz came up the lane we had just traversed. It stopped right behind us, and the driver rolled down the window and in a heavy German accent asked Elder Porter where a certain hotel was. As Elder Porter was giving him directions, I heard loud yells coming from behind us, and as I turned my eyes back towards the gate, I saw white-uniformed soldiers pouring out of each guardhouse, running towards us screaming, with their machine guns leveled. Before I could even think, Elder Porter grabbed me by the collar, opened the rear passenger door of the German’s car, and threw me, head-first into the back seat. He quickly dove in behind me and yelled at the driver to get us out of there. It took us about 15 seconds to reach the far end of the garden lane, where the driver let us out and proceeded on to find his hotel. I looked at Elder Porter, heart pounding, with “green missionary disbelief”, and he calmly said with a smile “Let’s go have lunch”. And that was my initiation into the mission field in South Korea. I absolutely LOVED my mission, and fell forever in love with the Korean people. Elder Miller South Korea Seoul 1972-1974

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