Inspired Dreams

My son, Ben, and daughter, Jamie, were serving missions at the same time; Ben in Canada and Jamie in California. One day, Ben went to the temple with his companion. As they were sitting in the waiting room, an older sister approached and started talking to them. After introducing themselves, this sister said to Ben, “Elder Jones, huh? My daughter is serving with a Sister Jones.” Turns out, this Sister Jones she was referring to was Ben’s sister! After chuckling over the coincidence, they decided to play a practical joke on Jamie. Ben shared some stories and other information that only he and Jamie knew. This older sister passed on the secret information to her daughter, Jamie’s companion. All of the sudden, Jamie’s companion began telling her of mysterious dreams she was having about Jamie; dreams of events that only Jamie and her brother knew about … Jamie was in awe of her companion having dreams about such secret information. While we all had a good laugh about it back at home, Jamie didn’t find out until nine months later when she called home on Mother’s Day. We finally told her that Ben had leaked the information to her companion’s mother. It all came together! Ironically, when Jamie and Ben were back home, we had her companion’s brother at our house to teach a lesson while he was serving his mission near hour home. It’s a small world in the missionary field! Elder and Sister Jones Canada Edmonton, California Long Beach 2001-2003

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