Halfway through my mission, I got a new mission president. He was barely in his forties, 6 young kids and great energy. He played BYU football and was a receiver for the great Ty Detmer. I have never been well-versed in the vernacular of football but I enjoy playing any team sport with other people looking to have fun. This was my impression of football; run around and yell at the person holding the football so they’ll look at you and throw it to you. If you get it, you keep running until someone gets your flags. I was a much bigger fan of ultimate frisbee and knew those rules like the back of my hand. In my glory days, I was an exceptional interceptor of the frisbee. One particular pday, our whole zone got together to play some flag football in honor of our new mission president. I kept my eye on the opposing quarter back each time, waiting for my interception. I had it! Jumped up and wacked that football to the ground. I beamed. It was our ball! You see, in frisbee if you hit the disc to the ground, it’s a turnover; not in football. They simply retrieved the ball and did the play over again. The new president came over, patted my shoulder and said, with a very kind smile on his face, “Next time try and catch the ball.” Don’t worry, I married a huge football fan and have learned enough to not make that mistake again. Too bad the first time I made that mistake was in front of a real football player! Sister Medley Texas San Antonio 2006-2008

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