Lessons in Anatomy

Usually we hear stories from the perspective of the missionaries who experienced them but I have on to tell from the other side. I love hearing stories the missionaries tell when they come to visit. They often bring laughs and other times inspiration. I enjoy having the missionaries over to visit and share a message. One particular day, I was reading up on some medical literature (as I am in the medical field, it is a common place to find me) when the elders knocked on the door. I welcomed them into my home and they sat down. They stuttered the whole time the gave their message and left promptly. It seemed rather odd; they usually stayed for at least an hour or more. I returned to my studies and when I looked on the coffee table, I saw my anatomy book opened to female anatomy chapter – those poor guys. I had to call and apologize profusely. Now, whenever they arrive, all medical books leave the room. Love my missionaries. Sister McMullen

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