There was a family in one of the wards we covered who had an extremely precocious 4-year-old named Lilly. Every time they signed up on our dinner calendar, we knew we were in for dinner AND a show…literally. It was called “The Lilly Show”. It was about what you’d expect from a child her age; singing bits of songs, dancing, and lots of comical falling down. Her parents indulged her need to perform, but kept it to about five minutes for the rest of our sakes. Lilly, as you may guess by now, was not afraid to strike up a conversation with adults. She routinely asked me when I would be getting married and having babies and if she could come play with the babies. One evening she turned to my companion and asked, “Why is your skin that color?” Her parents froze in horror. It was the moment every Caucasian parent dreads. The moment when your kid innocently but bluntly asks someone why they are black. Her dad almost choked on a mouth full of pasta. Her mom shot her a look of disapproval and then one of apology to Sister Murray. Lilly remained focused on the subject of her interrogation. Sister Murray’s response was brilliant. “Actually, that’s not the color of my skin.” Lilly tiled her head to one side and raised an eye brown. “Then what color ARE you?” she demanded. Sister Murray removed her watch to reveal a tan line and pointed to the lighter patch in the shape of her watch. “I’m actually THIS color.” Lilly laughed. Her parents heaved a sigh of relief. I removed my watch as well to show her that I was two-toned form lots of time in the sun too. Soon the conversation resumed and Lilly was playing happily with my watch….which she broke. I didn’t tell her parents. They’d been through enough for one night. Sister Smoot Texas San Antonio 2006-2008

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