Michael Jackson Phone Home

I was in my first area and didn’t speak Portuguese very well. My trainer and I came across an old man who seemed interesting. We made an appointment to meet with him the next day. At the appointment, I wasn’t really understanding the conversation. My companion had a grin he was hiding the entire time and couldn’t refrain from laughter. After we left, my trainer looked at me and I told him I hadn’t understood a word. He explained it that out of nowhere the man blurted “I don’t believe Michael Jackson died.” This was a couple months after he had died. My trainer responded “Oh really?” and the man continued “No, I don’t believe he died. He didn’t die. He’s here in Brazil. He is here in Brazil building a magical ark to take all the Brazilians to the United States”. I finally joined my companion in uncontrollable laughter. Elder Clay Brazil Fortaleza 2009-2011

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