We found a less active member while tracting one day. He was a middle-aged man that seemed smiley and was willing to have us come back with a member to learn more about him and help him back into activity. On the return visit, we wen inside his home where the walls were perfectly white and the couches were covered in plastic. He asked us to help do some yard work and we were more than happy to come rake leaves for service that week. When we arrived, he started by having us put on hand sanitizer, then laytex gloves, covered by gardening gloves. I assumed this was for our protection because our first task was to poor oil on the lawn where he wanted the grass killed. I looked at my companion, “Isn’t this illegal or something?” I whispered. We got through a few hours of service and went on with our day. Our new friend called us later that evening and said he had found my set of scriptures which I had left there. When we returned to get them, he came out of his house with laytex gloves on and handed me my scriptures. Along with it, he handed me a travel size package of wet wipes. “You really should keep your hands cleaner, Sister. Your scripture pages are just so filthy.” I was so caught off guard and had never noticed that my well-used scriptures weren’t pretty and silver around the edges anymore. I took the wipes and the advice graciously. I couldn’t blame him for never returning to church; his OCD would have driven him crazy with all the little kids running amuck with holes in their knees and snot flying everywhere. Sister Medley Texas San Antonio 2006-2008

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