Servant of the Lord

The elders and I were stopped at a traffic light on our way home. The car next to us was being driven by a young, blonde. Elder Brown politely waved at her (as he is accustomed to always greeting people). The girl waved back and apparently she thought he was flirting with her. Elder Brown [...]

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The Gift of No Tongue

I was in the Spain Madrid mission and I had been with a native Spanish companion for a few months. After tracting for hours, we came to a door and knocked. The lady smiled and said something unintelligible. Neither of us said anything so, she repeated herself. Again, neither of us answered. Finally, my companion [...]

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Michael Jackson Phone Home

I was in my first area and didn't speak Portuguese very well. My trainer and I came across an old man who seemed interesting. We made an appointment to meet with him the next day. At the appointment, I wasn't really understanding the conversation. My companion had a grin he was hiding the entire time [...]

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The Unexpected Sister Attack

My companion and I went to drop off our progress record at the district leader's apartment. We were going to slide it under the door since they weren't home but as I grabbed the handle, it opened. They left their door unlocked and they weren't home! An thought came to my mind, "Seriously? They left [...]

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Favorite Quotes

From an Elder "Don't worry about falling, you have to fall to progress and learn. Those who don't fall by themselves, God trips!" From a Sister "Elders are like fungus-they kinda grow on you after a while" Sister Carmen Texas San Antonio 2006-2007

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Castle or Temple?

We were knocking in New York city the day of princess Diana's wedding. Without opening the door, some girls told us they were watching it and were busy. We asked of they wanted to learn about being married forever in a real castle and held a picture of the salt lake Temple. They opened the [...]

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Zombie Apocalypse

My companion and I were taking a mother and her 5-year-old son to church. All was going well until her son finished singing time in primary. He came out looking very worried and asking "Jesus wants me for a zombie?" Sister Carmen Texas San Antonio 2006-2007

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Shining Faces

While contacting, my compañera and I met Cliff. He informed us it was his birthday. But is was also the worst day because he received no gifts and no one wished him Happy Birthday. Feeling compassionate, we gave him our remaining icebreakers and a card for a free video. He said he had talked to [...]

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April Shower’s on April Fools’

My April Fools' joke begins with a promise that I made with my best friend back at home. I promised him I would pull a prank that was made famous on the TV show Jackass. I had the perfect companion to victimize, and the right day was coming up. On April 1st, I woke up [...]

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He Who Laughs Last

The elders in my district had been bugging me to play a joke on my new hija that had just arrived. My new companion and I decided to play a joke on them instead. We set up a fake prank and planned to have my new hija pretend to flip out! Unfortunately, she was not [...]

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