While serving as a Zone Leader, my companion, Elder Dunn, was on exchanges with one of the Assistants. They spent the end of their day knocking doors in Hampton, a well-to-do area where people weren’t all that receptive. The police showed up while they were at the last door. Apparently someone in the neighborhood had called the cops, reporting the missionaries were soliciting. A woman answered the door just as the officer pulled up. As the officer got out of his car, he called the elders to come talk to him. They continued to speak with the woman and asked if she had heard about the Book of Mormon. She said yes and explained that she was related to Oliver Cowdery. She declined to have a return visit and shut the door saying, “You better go chat with the police since he’s been yelling at your for several minutes.” They adhered to the officers request and left the neighborhood. A few days later, during companionship study, my companion said he felt the need to take a Book of Mormon to the lady and ask her to be baptized. My companion was a determined person and felt strongly that the spirit was directing him. I wasn’t about to deny the possibility of this being true. For whatever reason, Elder Dunn decided it was necessary for us to go to the church and get a baptism suit to take with us. He folded the suit up real nice and placed a Book of Mormon on top. We pulled up to the house, got out, and walked to the door. I was beside myself; I couldn’t believe I had agreed to let this happen. Holding out the baptismal suit and the Book of Mormon, he looked at me and said, “Elder… ring the doorbell!” I shook my head in disbelief and rang. After a minute or two and no answer, Elder Dunn looked at me again and said, “ELDER, RING IT AGAIN!!” So I rang the doorbell again. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, no one came to the door. However, I would have died to witness this baptismal commit. And although I look up to him for his persistence, I’ll never forget how desperate he looked to make that invitation. I regret we never went back. Elder Ashby New Hampshire Manchester 2006-2008

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