Pictionary Baptism

In my first area, we covered an entire stake. it was a busy area. We received a referral for a family whose grandmother wanted to have her grandsons taught the lessons. We visited the house three times and were turned away each time; we were told to come back next month. After I received a new companion, I had a prompting to go back. We knocked on the door and the mother of the boys opened. WIth a surprised look she exclaimed, “Sisters! How glad I am that you are here. Come in, I have been waiting for you to come back.” We were stunned. We talked with her for three hours. Afterward, we left to get lunch and planned to come back in an hour and teach her boys. We spent nearly that whole day talking about the Gospel with the mother, grandmother and their two boys. Two months later, after spending almost every day teaching them, the bishop interviewed the youngest boy (because he was only 8 and his brother was 9). The little boy wouldn’t speak to the bishop, but he drew all the right answers for the bishop on a piece of paper. He had been so busy during the lessons, I thought he hadn’t caught any of it. I’ll never forget this little miracle family and the little boy who answered the baptismal questions like Pictionary. Sister Kingsley Salt Lake City South 2008-2009

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