We were sharing an apartment with another companionship in northern San Antonio, located in the wealthy neighborhoods surrounding the temple. The area was predominately gated neighborhoods with long winding roads weaving around the riches and mansions, skirted with groves of thick, brushy oak trees – ideal habitat for all kinds of critters. We were driving home after dark and approaching a gradual dip on the dimly lit road. At the bottom of the dip was a small gully with a drain on either side to allow for water to flow off the road. As we came upon the drain, a skunk came waddling out of the drain directly in front of our vehicle. I had time to slam on the brakes and stop just before the black and white ball of stink would have gone under the car and out of view. It waddled a little more, whipped around and threw its tail up in imminent threat. In wild fury, I gunned it and ran that varmint over in glorious defeat. In my defense, I thought running it over before it sprayed us would keep the stench to a minimum…I was horrifically erred in my thinking. My companion put both hands to her face and screamed in distress as we clumped over the animal and sped down the road. She was gagging and gasping for air out the window while I laughed in hysterics at our new predicament. We headed straight for the car wash. It was to no avail, for when we returned to our apartment the other sisters were covering their noses in disgust before we even opened the door. For weeks, our investigators knew we there before we rung the doorbell, and you can imagine the added snub we received trying to contact in the upstanding neighborhoods. But best of all, I had a new nickname; “the skunk killer.” Sister Medley Texas San Antonio 2006-2008

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