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A mission is a very sacred and memorable event in our lives, an epic time held dear to our hearts. It is the true trial of human spirit. It is the time for boys to become men. The experiences and relationships cultivated will be cherished forever. After coming home from our mission, we often find ourselves sitting around a table at a mission reunion holding our stomach, reeling with laughter (this is how much of our planning meetings are spent). These are the stories we want to collect. We would like to create a collection of stories that will help people understand the humorous side of spending time in The Lord’s service.

Please refer to the guidelines below to help decide what stories to share.

  • Story should not implicate any missionaries engaging in criminal activities. Legal authorities will have access to these stories.
  • Should not implicate missionaries in breaking any mission rules. Use the bending of rules at your own discretion.
  • No stories that depict horrifying or life-threatening situations. We still want mothers to send their sons out.
  • Please do not include confessions of current or past transgressions. Reserve these for testimony meeting.
  • Please do not share paranormal or unnaturally miraculous situations. We know every missionary has seen one of the three Nephites.