Teaching Under the Influence

After teaching Sonny a great first lesson, we had been trying to set a follow up lesson for three weeks with no success. Finally, we got one set up for Monday night, right after P-Day. P-days in the mission can get a little wild sometimes. We spent the day at a members house playing racquet ball and ping pong. Testing the physical limits of our bodies, things got a bit out of hand and my companion ended up with a huge gash on his face. There was a doctor in the ward who told us he’d take a look at i. After receiving seven stitches right along his eyebrow, and a handful of pain medications, we headed to Sonny’s for our lesson. It was scheduled for 7:00 and, by now, the pain meds had really started to kick in. We went to teach the lesson and Elder Condor was obviously not himself. Due to his comically oblivious state, not much teaching actually happened that visit and Elder Condor doesn’t remember anything that went on that night. However, from that lesson on, Sonny was comfortable around us and was baptized three weeks later. Now, every time Elder Condor looks in the mirror, he has a scar to remember his time that he converted Sonny while teaching under the influence. Elder Harris Canada Calgary 2010-2012

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