The Basement

My companion and I lived in the back half of this really old house in a small town. As far as mission apartments go this thing was pretty sweet…except the basement. This thing was so sketchy it was scary. My companion once asked me if a tornado was coming, what would I do. I told him I’d just hang out in our room and hope for the best because I wasn’t going to risk being trapped in that basement! There were creaky, old, not so trustworthy stairs leading down to a very dimly lit concrete room…well half a room. The other half was unfinished (unfinished as in all dirt). There was another small room to the left once you walked down the stairs that also was all dirt (pretty sure it was satans summer home). There was also another big problem with this basement…it’s where the washer and dryer were. Every p-day I had to psych myself up to go down there. One p-day I decided to throw my laundry in the washer before I put my contacts in. I am pretty blind so I think it was either dumb or very brave of me to go down there with no sight. As I opened the door and started walking down the stairs a small black demon started flying up the stairs at my head! I ducked and it barely missed me. Before I knew it it was flying back up the stairs at me, this time really close to the stairs, as it got close I reared my leg and kicked! Solid contact! I sent the demon flying down the stairs. I ran back to our room and told my companion what had happened and he took off to run down the stairs to see what it was. I grabbed my glasses and headed to the stairs just in time to see my companion emerge through the door holding the demon, or Bird, as some would call it. Yes I may have overreacted, and No it wasn’t a demon. But it was definitely possessed. I did the world a favor. Elder Webster Iowa Des Moines 2008-2010

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