The Birds and the Bees

We had been teaching this amazing woman who had two dogs. Chico, the male chihuahua, was not fixed. Sammie, the female lab, was not fixed. On any other day they were in our face begging for attention, jumping all over the place. After ignoring them long enough, Chico would try and mate with Sammie and she would make these loud growling noises. It had never bothered their owner until today. We were teaching the Law of Chastity and right on cue, Chico attacked Sammie. Our investigator quickly apprehended him and held him standing on his hind legs with his thing pointing straight at us. We were being held at gunpoint and she had no idea. Only a few minutes later, as we were wrapping up our lesson on the Law of Chastity, her new boyfriend showed up. She turned beat red and was all flustered! We excused ourselves and it turned out we had left the Law of Chastity pamphlet on the table and it created a segway for her to tell him why his entrance was so awkward. He had a good laugh about the timing of his arrival and we chalked it up to be the most awkward, yet hilarious, lesson on the Law of Chastity. Sister Potter Nebraska Omaha 2011-2012

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