The Birds

As I was unable to serve a full-time mission, I had the opportunity to fulfill a service mission. As the rules and regulations are a little different, perhaps so are my stories. The Young Missionaries had FHE once and the elders were flipping pennies and dimes and running after them. A coin version of Smear the Queer. One elder had his back turned to everyone and another elder was going after him. Now, I had seen enough westerns to know that you don’t shoot someone in the back because it’s downright cowardly. I wasn’t going to let the elder run into the other elder’s back without him seeing it coming. He’d have ended up into the table had he been shoved. So I got in the middle and shoved the elder. I’m a girl and 5’3″ and this elder was tall. I guess I shoved him harder than I thought cause I ended up dislocating his shoulder. I must have been helped by the Spirit 😉 Sister Hansen Church and Family History Mission Utah Salt Lake City 2007-2008

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