The Unexpected Sister Attack

My companion and I went to drop off our progress record at the district leader’s apartment. We were going to slide it under the door since they weren’t home but as I grabbed the handle, it opened. They left their door unlocked and they weren’t home! An thought came to my mind, “Seriously? They left their door unlocked? In this part of town? How many jokes have they played on you? Go in and play a joke!” so I obeyed the voice. We unscrewed and hid their light bulbs, hid one of the Elder’s prized Air Jordan sneakers, put leaves in their beds, and kept the progress record so as to not leave any evidence. Later that night, the other set of Elders called saying they just got chewed out by the District Leader and his companion. He was confused as to why they were getting yelled at and couldn’t tell them where there stuff was if their life depended on it. He said, “I don’t know what’s worse: getting chewed out for something you didn’t do or credit card fraud.” I asked “Um…how mad are they? ” “TICKED!” he replied. “Oh umm…” I was speechless. Then he figured it out “SISTERS!- You didn’t!” I could only answer “Well their door was unlocked.” Once the District Leader and his companion found their stuff and learned it was us, they had a good laugh. They never suspected that the SISTERS would do such a thing. Sister Carmen Texas San Antonio 2006-2007

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