The Winds Are Not in Your Favor

We were assigned to a large, rural area and we were lucky enough to cover it on our bikes. One particular day we had a referral that was pretty far out in the boonies. We geared up, strapped on our helmets and headed out. It was late afternoon and we didn’t think much of the time. We figured we’d get there, they wouldn’t answer and we’d turn around and make it back for dinner. With a tail wind, we were making impeccable time. We rode, laughing and enjoying the green countryside. When we found the referral, he excitedly invited us in and we seamlessly moved right on to teach him a lesson. I glanced at my watch to check the time, making sure we would leave in time to get back home before curfew. The referral was amazing and we were easily side-tracked as he offered us dinner, our discussion continuing on. I kept an eye on the clock and as the discussion was going so well, I figured if we booked it on the way back, we’d cut it close, but we’d still make it. After finally getting back on our bikes to leave, we headed out to the long, lonely roads home. A few things occurred for which I didn’t account; first, that we had a tail wind on the way there, and second, that we were now going up against a nasty head wind. We biked with all our might and as darkness descended it was hard to tell how our progress was. I looked at my clock. It was way too late to be out riding our bikes. This was back before the missionaries had cell phones, so we continued on with all our might. When we finally arrived at our apartment, we met the AP’s. Turns out, when we had missed the evening report call-in, our District Leaders called the Zone Leaders, who tried to call us, who then called the AP’s, who then called the President, who then sent the AP’s out to look for us. We put all their worries to rest, and put ourselves to bed. I’m sure it was for reasons such as this that they started passing out cell phones, especially to the negligent missionaries like us. Elder Huff Florida Tallahassee 2005-2007

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