Thief in the Night

When I was serving in my last area, my companion and I shared an apartment with another set of Elders. We were arriving home from an all-day Zone Conference, and arrived before the other companionship. It was just a few minutes before the 9pm curfew and the other Elders hadn’t arrived yet. During that few minutes, my companion and I staged a break-in. We turned over both of the large study tables, threw a bunch of papers about, and lightly trashed the apartment. My companion (a Division-1 football player) decided to get dressed in all black and wait for them to arrive. We left the front door slightly open… The two unsuspecting Elders arrived home and opened the front door. “Elder…oh no. We’ve been robbed!” They both walked slowly into the apartment, and the senior companion walked toward the bedroom where we were waiting. Just as he came to the bedroom door, my companion, all six feet and 250 lbs of him, jumped out and grabbed him in a big bear hug. The other elder shrieked and ran full speed out of the front door, leaving his companion in the arms of a supposed criminal. After a few moments of glory, my companion and I finally burst into laughter. Luckily, were able to locate the junior companion in the parking lot. Needless to say, his senior companion would never trust him again. Anonomous Pennsylvania Harrisburg 2005-2007

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