Throw A Rock

About three days into the MTC, my companion had a meltdown. We’re talking all out, sobbing, snot-n-tears meltdown. Every member of our district had at least one during our 9 week stay, but she was first. It started with frustration with learning a new language, which triggered a domino effect of self-criticisms until she was totally sure she was incapable of anything. I listened for a while, but finally told her it was most likely the adversary messing with her and suggested she get a blessing. She looked up from her pile of tissues and incredulously asked, “Oh yeah, sure. But where would I find somebody to give me a blessing?” I laughed because I thought she was joking. She was serious. “Throw a rock.” I said. She looked confused and a tinsy bit annoyed. I quickly continued, “Sister! We’re at the MTC. This is the most priesthood-dense piece of ground in North America. Throw a rock and you’ll hit somebody who can give you a blessing. ” She perked up and took my advice (about the blessing, no the rock throwing). She was fine after that…and ready to get me through my melt down a few weeks later. Sister Smoot Texas San Antonio 2006-2008

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