Wardrobe Malfunction

We were teaching a man named Robert who had a LOT of challenges to overcome, but was making progress. He had stopped drinking, reduced his daily cigarette use form 3 packs to half a pack, was loving the Book of Mormon, and was praying daily. But he wouldn’t come to church. He was worried that he didn’t have proper attire. We told him he’d be fine in whatever he had, but he insisted he would feel out of place in his overalls and a stained T-shirt. Robert was also a very large fellow and said finding affordable clothes in his size was difficult. Fortunately, a ward member who had recently lost a significant amount of weight donated a bunch of his old wardrobe, including a suit and some white shirts. Robert was thrilled and agreed to come to church. That Sunday, he showed up with his hair combed and his beard trimmed for the first time since we’d met. He was grinning ear to ear. It was clear he felt good about himself. Sacrament meeting went very well (as if the talks were written specifically for him). But on the way to gospel principles class, something caught my eye. I saw white where I should have seen black. There was a large hole in the butt of Robert’s pants, making his underwear visible. I nudged my companion and she followed my gaze to the problem. Her expression communicated the same level of panic I was feeling. What to do? If we told him, he would be more embarrassed than if he had shown up in his regular outfit. He might not come back. But what if somebody else pointed it out? That would be worse. I remembered we would have to walk past the primary room to get to our class. What if one of those terribly honest children spotted the issue and broadcasted it? I could almost hear a particularly obnoxious set of siblings singing “I see London, I see France…” Also, how was he not aware of it himself? I mean it was a rather large tear and you’d think he would have felt a breeze by now. Bah! What to do? We decided to do nothing. We just walked a step behind him in hopes of blocking anybody’s view. I’m not sure if it was noticed it in priesthood meeting, but thankfully nobody spoke up if they did see it. After church we stopped by Robert’s house and offered to get the suit dry cleaned for him. We found a member with sewing skills, had it cleaned, and he never knew about his wardrobe malfunction. Sister Smoot Texas San Antonio 2006-2010

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